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The OPTIMUM 9200A - 2nd Generation - 3.5 Horse Power, 2,610 Watt Powerhouse Blender! New

The OPTIMUM 9200A - 2nd Generation - 3.5 Horse Power, 2,610 Watt Powerhouse Blender!

The best-selling Optimum 9200 - 2nd Generation blender, sponsored by many and used by franchises around the world, is 2,610 Watt (3.5 Horse Power!) commercial powerhouse blender manufactured with the aim of outperforming and outlasting other reputable brands. Supported by a solid and trusted warranty with nation-wide service centres and a 24x7 online Service Team...

$791.00 Ex Tax: $791.00

The OPTIMUM 9400 – #1 Selling Commercial Blender! New

The OPTIMUM 9400 – #1 Selling Commercial Blender!

Inspired by the success of the Optimum brand, the 9400 is a Vitamix rival designed for heavy duty commercial applications. Equipped with the popular variable speed control, the Optimum 9400 has a faster and more powerful motor than Vitamix combined with the same high-quality parts epitomized by the durable Optimum 9900...

$691.00 Ex Tax: $691.00



Sleek, sophisticated and so very practical – the Optimum G2.1 - Platinum Series Vortex blender is the most advanced blender within the Optimum range of appliances.Our supplier, Optimum Appliances, is an Australian-owned company who've built their reputation by developing world-class products, which are then distributed across the globe exclusively via Froothie. They’ve earned that reputation in part due to the time invested to research customer’s needs – and then do whatever possible to achieve a high quality end result.For example, we asked our busiest, most discerning clients what they really needed from their blenders. They told us they wanted an intelligent appliance that created smoothies, soups, and other fresh, healthy foods as quickly and simply as possible. Just as importantly, however, they didn’t want all that intelligence to come at the expense of elegance.Welcome to the Optimum G2.1 - Platinum Series Vortex Blender: smart, versatile functionality at the push of a button – all in a stunningly stylish exterior package...

$1,000.00 Ex Tax: $1,000.00



Optimum Appliances is proud to announce the next generation of blenders with the superior Platinum Series and the ultimate upscale blender, the Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender.The G2.3 will be one of the world’s first high-performance, game-changing blenders that features new induction motor technology combined with a mini, single-serve jug for small quantities...

$1,200.00 Ex Tax: $1,200.00

Optimum 9200A
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